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 For every disease,there is a single key mechanism that
dominates all others.If one can find it and then think
one's way around it,one can control the disorder......

  Dr.Lewis Thomas
(Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York)

Hayashi proclaims ; a single key mecanism that dominates all others should be 'hydrogen' as far as my Water Regulating Theory is concerned.

HAYASHI, Hidemitsu, M. D.
Born in 1938. Graduated from Doctor Course of Medical School of Kobe University, Japan in 1968. Specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery. After 20 years of clinical experiences as a surgeon, he started to make research on water in 1985.
And he has come to the conclusion; hydrogen should be the key for the good health and longevity for us, namely when we take water with abundant molecular hydrogen by mouth, molecular hydrogen could be expected to be splitted into atomic or active hydrogen by the help of hydrogenase in our body which can be expected to bond with excess active oxygen resulting in the production of H2O or harmless water ( Water Regulating Theory Hayashi’s Model).
Has succeeded in developing " Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick" in 2001 which produces Hydrogen Rich Water very simply, reliably and inexpensively.
In December 2005 has developed quite a new stick which is made of microporous sintered polyethylene which makes itself a "only one " product among a lot of imitated ones.


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