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It should be recognized that the most fundamental question in medicine is why disease occurs rather than how it operates after it has occurred, conceptually the origins of disease should take precedence over the nature of disease process.
Thomas McKeown
The answer for the most fundamental question in medicine should lie in water which we drink every day and occupies two thirds of our body weight.It is fatal to have overlooked in the past the fact that water on which we depend is nothing but hydrogen deleted water. The oversight is fatal because we are living under oxidation dominant environment which compels us hydrogen rich water in order to survive.

1.The fatal oversight in human history
It is quite clear that anyone of us is under uninterrupted influence of oxidation caused by oxygen which occupies 20% of atmospheric air. In short,our body surfaces are always under oxidative damage.And we are burning food and drink taken by mouth by utilyzing oxygen taken by respiration which brings inevitable production of ROS or reactive oxygen species of which enormous oxidation causes variable diseases.So that it should be quite rational to pay attention on the meaning and role of water which occupies two thirds of our body weight.The property of body water, however, ishydrogen poor in nature. So that it is expected that some favorable effects can be obtained if we can find a way with which we can increase hydrogen in daily water. The way to obtain hydrogen rich water has been present in Japan since after a war, but it has some shortages. Hayashi has developed a way to overcome its shortages, and at the same time has confirmed advantages of water with increased H2 content. Water on the earth is hydrogen poor without exception,which is quite fatal for us to survive under oxidation dominant environment.Hayashi has confirmed introductionof hydrogen rich water in our daily lives can bring favarable effects to us.

2. The concept of 'Hydrogen Rich Water’
The concept of 'hydrogen rich water' was born nowhere but here in Japan. It is all because Japan is a country of exceptionally soft water, which has made it possible to develop water devices to reform water by electrolysis, which produces cathodic as well as anodic water.Cathodic water has been confirmed to contain increased H2 gas by 500 times compared to original water before electrolysis,of which fact has been proven by Hayashi in Dec.1995 for the first time in Japan(in the world). Increased hydrogen gas in cathodic water,however,can be lost very quickly, several minutes after electrolysis for hydrogen is the lightest gas in the universe.
In order to overcome such shortage of 'hydrogen rich water' or cathodic water,a new idea has been introduced by Hayashi in Sept.2001,namely Hydrogen Producing Mineralor HPM sticks,which make it possible to generate hydrogen rich water constantly as long as sticks are put in the bottle filled with water. Generation of hydrogen gas
is based on the following chemical reaction.

Mg 2 H2O Mg(OH)2 H2

HPM stick is of cylindrical shape of 20*120 mm in which magnesium granules as wellas natural pebbles are enclosed.HPM Sticks can produce hydrogen rich water simply, definitely and cheaply,i.e.20 cents a day or several dollars a month.

3.Why hydrogen rich Water is required
It is without saying that anyone of us is surrounded by air whose 20 % is occupied by oxygen.In other words,everyone of us is forced to survive under oxygen dominant environment,namely our body surface is under continuous oxidation. And at the sametime we are maintaining our metabolisms by oxidizing food taken by mouth with the help of oxygen gas taken by respiration which brings production of reactive oxygen species as a result. It is well known that reactive oxygen species should bring a variety of diseases. It is necessary,therefore,to employ a procedure with which we can defend ourselves against oxidative damage. The most ideal one for it could be hydrogen which can be taken in the form of water with abundant hydrogen content.

4.Water Regulating Theory
Hayashi presented a hypothesis " Water Regulating Theory' in Novem.1995,which sayshydrogen should be the most ideal countermeasure against reactive oxygen species. (Explore for the professional,Vol.6,No.5.1995).

5.Hydrogen supresses cancer cell proliferation
In March 2006 Prof.Nobuhiko MIWA of Hiroshima Pref.University gave a presentationat the 126th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan under the title of 'Hydrogen rich water obtained by improved way of electrolysis ; its scavenging effect of reactive oxygen species as well as its supressing effect on cancer cell proliferation.

6.Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic
Prof.Shigeo Ohta of Nippon Medical School submitted a paper in 'Nature Medicine'of 7th May 2007 with " Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals".According to him,hydrogen gas(H2) has an antioxidant power in preventive and therapeutic applications.Thus H2 can be used as an effective antioxidant therapy; owing to its ability to diffuse rapidly across cell membranes,it can reach and react with cytotoxic ROS and thus protect cells against oxidative damage.

Our daily lives are maintained by burning food and drink taken by mouth by oxygen taken by lungs.It is quite natural that everyone of us is under 'oxidative stress' as long as we depend on O2. It is,therefore,quite logical to think that the best countermeasure against ROS should be reduction,whose function is nothing but that of hydrogen.
Hydrogen rich water produced by HPM sticks could be one of the best options.

July 30,2007


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