Chapter9 : Feces Lose Their Unpleasant Odor | The Hydrogen Rich Water Guidebook  

   Feces Lose Their Unpleasant Odor

  A week or two after people begin to use Hydrogen Rich Water,they notice that their feces have literally changed in comparison to when they were using tap water (hydrogen poor water).
  That is, the "blackish brown, bad-smelling, hard, heavy feces" of the tap water days changed to " light brown, soft, light feces without a strong bad odor, ",similar to the bowel movements that appear in the diapers of a breastfed baby.
  We adults tend to think that it is natural for adults feces to have a bad smell, but
this is actually a great misconception.
Every breastfeeding mother knows from her experience that when her baby has light- colored soft stool with very little bad odor, she can be sure that the baby is healthy, drinking plenty of breast milk, and growing well. On the other hand, when the baby has "blackish,bad-smelling,hard stool," the baby is cranky and feverish, and sometimes vomits up milk.
  The condition of producing offensive feces is generally called abnormal fermentation of gastrointestinal tract,which indicates the opposite of normal fermentation ,but,
simply put, it is "decay."
  In other words, if the food we take in by mouth has a rotten smell(bad smell) when it is excreted from the anus, this means abnormal fermenatation has taken place.
  Let us look at a simple explanation concerning the substances that cause disgusting feces brought about by abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation(See Illustration 1).
  Some of the substances that cause disgusting feces are hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamine,indole,phenol or nitrosamine, all of which are toxic, pathogenic,substances.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide : A strongly toxic substance with a distinctive rotten-egg odor.
  • Ammonia : A strongly toxic substance with a distinctive irritating odor commonly found in public toilets.
  • Histamine : A substance that triggers allergic conditions.
  • Indole : A toxic, carcinogenic substances with a smell like rotten onions.
  • Phenol : Recognized to be carcinogens due to carbolic acid.
  • Nitrosamine : Known as a first-class carcinogen.

    In a sense, failing to deal with offensive feces is like having a time bomb in your body.
You can, however, defuse this time bomb by drinking Hydrogen Rich Water.

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