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  What is Active Hydrogen ?

  It turns out that the true form of reduction is the function of hydrogen.
Incidentally, various substances have been proposed as substances capable of removing active oxygen; that is, substances with reduction effect (anti-oxidants).
Among these, the most effective one is undoubtedly active hydrogen.
  The other so-called anti-oxidant substances cannot compare to it.
As mentioned previously, active oxygen is oxygen with a particularly strong oxidizing function. What we normally call "hydrogen" refers to molecular hydrogen or H2.
In contrast, atomic hydrogen or H is specially called "active hydrogen" because it
has a particularly strong reducing function.
  Let us look at Table 1 in the last section of this booklet.
  The water around us (such as tap water) is hydrogen poor water, but if you infuse
this water with hydrogen gas taken from a hydrogen gas cylinder, it can reach up to a
value of 1.49 ppm ( hydrogen saturated water ). Meanwhile, by inserting the hydrogen producing mineral stick into the same water, you can obtain water that is abundant in hydrogen, which I call Hydrogen Enriched Water.
  Now, what happens when we incorporate Hydrogen Rich Water into our everyday lives ?
   In a nutshell, there will be a huge decrease in our probability of getting sick.
  Why is it possible to make this statement ?
  Because the thinking goes as follows:
  When Hydrogen Rich Water,( water rich in molecular hydrogen ),enters our body, this molecular hydrogen is broken down into atomic(atomic hydrogen) in the body.
  The active hydrogen bonds with active oxygen, though to cause all kinds of diseases to produce safe, non-toxic water that leaves the body in the form of urine and sweat.
  In short, we may consider that when Hydrogen Rich Water enters our body, it gets rid of the active oxygen that is produced in the body from moment to moment.
  Therefore there is a significant decrease in our probability of getting sick.

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