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   Water that Produces Disease

  As mentioned in the preface, I have concluded that water can be divided into two
kinds: water that produces disease and water that prevents and cures disease.
  First, I shall explain about water that produces disease.
 "Water that produces disease" refers to the water we drink everyday without
much thought. This includes tap water, well water, rain water, water from lakes and
mountain streams, underground water and spring water. In short, it is the water we
usually call natural water or spring water.
Even tap water is really natural water if you consider where it comes from.
It is simply natural water that has undergone processing at a water purification
plant, where it is infused with chlorine or ozone gas to disinfect.
The various kinds of bottled water sold in convenience stores and supermarkets,
such as natural water, spring water, mineral water, famous waters from various
regions all over Japan, famous name-brand water and so forth also fall into the
same category. In other words, 99.9 percent of the water we drink on a daily basis is in
fact nothing more than this water that produces disease.
  Why am I able to make this statement? And what on earth are the characteristics
of " water that produces disease ?"
Put simply, the most important characteristic is the fact that such water hardly
contains any hydrogen; in the water found in nature, there is almost no hydrogen gas.
  The reason for this, as mentioned earlier, is that although water is composed of
two hydrogens and one oxygen, the action of covalent energy operating between the hydrogen and oxygen makes it extremely difficult for hydrogen to exist on its in
a form that is separate from oxygen and independent of the oxygen. Furthermore,
water containing abundant hydrogen does not exist in nature because even water
that starts out containing abundant hydrogen loses it immediately. This means that
up to 99.9 percent of the water in nature is nothing but " hydrogen poor water."
  This hydrogen poor water is none other than the "water that produces disease.
The reason is that hydrogen(active hydrogen) is necessary to getting rid of active
oxygen, which is the cause of all kinds of diseases, and hydrogen poor water is water
that is deprived of this crucial hydrogen that is essential for removing active oxygen.
In other words, it is extremely ineffective in getting rid of active oxygen, and it follows
that hydrogen poor water is none other than water that produces disease.

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