Chapter10 : Modern Medicine is nothing but "Downstream" Medicine | The Hydrogen Rich Water Guidebook  

   Modern Medicine is nothing but "Downstream" Medicine

  I have concluded that modern medicine is nothing more than "medicine to alleviate   downstream pollution while leaving upstream pollution alone."
  Let me explain the basis of this argument.
  When we digest the food we take in by mouth in our stomach and intestines, these
digested nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls.  The nutrients absorbed through the intestinal walls pass through the portal veins and are carried to the
liver in that order. The nutrients that are carried to the liver undergo various
metabolic processes, after which they pass through the hepatic vein into vena cava
inferior and carried to the organs all over the body by general circulation.
That is to say, they are transported in this order: liver → hepatic vein → vena cava inferior → general circulation → organs all over the body. As a whole, the order
is: digestive system → portal vein → liver → organs all over the body.
  If we think of the liver as a kind of "checkpoint station", the parts of the process
that occur before reaching the liver can be referred to as "upstream", and the parts
that take place after leaving the liver as "dowmnstream."
  As shown in Illustration 2, the portion from the mouth to the liver can be called
as "upstream" ( Lake Ontario : checkpoint before liver) while the organs that come
after the liver can be as called as "downstream" (River Saint Lawrence : checkpoint   after liver).
  Looking at metabolism this way, we see that when the "upstream" is polluted,the
"downstream" will become polluted as well. Thus, the disease-causing substances
of upstream will cause diseases of downstream.
  Now I think you understand my statement that "Modern Medicine is medicine to
alleviate downstream pollution while leaving upstream pollution alone."
  What, then, does "upstream pollution " mean ?
 It means "production of offensive feces" by "abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation." Because the substances that cause offensive feces are substances that result from the putrefaction of protein (eggs, fish or meat),they are called "putrefied metabolites."   In short, it is as if people who always excrete offensive feces were eating rotten eggs, fish and meat everyday. The difference is that if they were eating rotten food, they would get sick immediately, while in this case the food rots after they eat it, so it takes more time for them to get sick. Therefore, it is important to lead a lifestyle which does not produce offensive feces.  But now we have what can change offensive feces into clean feces as if by magic, that is Hydrogen Rich Water

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