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   The Genesis of Water

  The birth of the earth is supposed to have come about by means of a "big bang"
that occurred between 10 and 20 billion years ago. It is also believed that the
first living organisms came out into existence in the water of this planet some
four billion years ago. In other words, if water had not been present on the earth
some four billion years ago, living organisms would not have emerged and survived
on the earth.
Therefore the presence of water on the earth was the great prerequisite for the
genesis and survival of all living organisms.
  Everyone knows that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. The bonding of hydrogen and oxygen in a 2 to 1 ratio produces water, which is expressed with the
chemical formula H2O. The fact that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen
signifies that hydrogen and oxygen attract one another.
  In other words, if hydrogen and oxygen did not have this attraction, water would
never have come into existence. Moreover, without the genesis of water, living
organisms would not have come into existence either. There is an energy that
works to draw these atoms to each other( covalent bond energy),and it is thanks
to this energy that water was able to come into existence.
  Because water is what is generated by means of this covalent bond energy, the
hydrogen in the water can not exist alone and independently in a form that is
separate form the oxygen. Not only that, when water is infused with hydrogen gas
taken from something like a compressed gas cylinder, or when hydrogen gas is
generated by electrolysis to produce water with increased hydrogen(electrolyzed
cathodic water),the hydrogen simply escapes into the air immediately because it is
the lightest gas in the universe. This is why, as we learned in high school chemistry,
there is hardly any hydrogen in water.
  As such the water we are familiar with is all water that contains hardly any
Hydrogen gas. In short, the water that exists in nature, the tap water produced by
processing it, bottled water and so forth all have one big common characteristic:
they are all "water that contains hardly any hydrogen."
Recognizing and understanding this fact from the beginning is of the utmost
importance for the actualization of your good health and longevity.

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