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 It is believed that in the near future hydrogen will change our lives from their
very foundation.
Something that is attracting a great deal of attention at the moment is the fuel
cell automobile. The fuel cell vehicle is based on the principle of running on the
energy generated by the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This would be
the ultimate eco-car because the only byproduct of this reaction is water.
Another reported idea is the use of this same principle for an electrical power
generator to be installed in homes as a power source for lighting, heating as well as
mechanical application. When this happens, the world would literally change because
each household would have its own power station and there would be no more need for
thermal, hydro and atomic power plants, as well as power lines and steel towers.
What interests me in particular is that this time comes , it will be extremely simple
for every household to produce its own Hydrogen Rich Water.
When Hydrogen Rich Water can be obtained simply, reliably and cheaply, I think the
world will change dramatically in a different sense from that mentioned above.
That is, maintaining good health and preventing disease will no longer be considered
topics worth discussing, and people will not constantly be making a fuss of diseases
(“It’s cancer!” ”It’s diabetes!” ”It’s hay fever!”) as is presently the case.
Also, if you have drunk a little too much alcohol or smoked a little too much, or don’t
feel well, or seem to be cathing a cold, or have caught influenza, it would be easy to
get rid of the symptoms simply by consciously increasing your intake of Hydrogen Rich
I would like to end with the philosophy I have learned from Hydrogen Rich Water
during these past eighteen years.
I think hydrogen should be called “ the source.” That is to say, hydrogen, the element
with the atomic number One, is the “source” of all the other elements, and the sun, which
nurtures all things with its solar energy, is actually a big ball of hydrogen.
At the same time it is hydrogen atom, or active hydrogen, that protects us living
organisms from disease.
My conclusion follows below.
I propose that the Creator of the universe, and the Creator of all living things,
created hydrogen as the first element in order to protect all its living creatures
from disease.

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