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Hayashi, Hidemitsu, M.D.
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For every disease there is a single key mechanism that dominates all others. If one can find it and then think one's way around it, one can control the disorder.
Lewis Thomas, M.D.
It is without question that everyone of us is surrounded by air whose 20 % is occupied by oxygen. So that, it can be said that everyone of us has been oxidized from our birth to death by aerial oxygen which compells us to aging and a variety of diseases which could be defended by hydrogen according to Hayashi's new concept of Hydrogen Rich water.

1.We are surrounded by oxygen
It is generally accepted that active oxygen is a cause of cancer as well as a variety of diseases. 'Active' oxygen is a kind of oxygen anyway whose oxidizing potential is enhanced. The expression can be rewritten in such way that oxygen is a cause of cancer as well as a variety of diseases.
Our life metabolism is maintained by function of oxidizing food and drink taken by mouth by oxygen gas taken by lungs. It is considered that about 2% of inspired oxygen is changed into active oxygen species in the process of its metabolism in our body.
So that, it is necessary for us to reduce these active oxygen species in order to realize our good health and longevity. And hydrogen should be the first choice to be taken to fight against active oxygens as far as my concept described below.

Stage 1 2Cu O2 2CuO    
Stage 2 CuO H2 Cu H2O

In high school chemistry we learned that Cu or copper loses its glittering by oxidation and can be restored to its original copper by putting it into a glass tube filled with hydrogen gas resulting in the production of H2O.
In the same way, Cu or Cell unit is damaged by oxygen and can be restored to its original condition when it is brought into hydrogen rich environment.

2.Natural water; hydrogen poor water
According to my concept, water can be classified into 2 kinds, i.e. hydrogen poor and hydrogen rich water. Natural water or 99.9% of water found on the earth can be defined to be hydrogen poor water because of hydrogen being the smallest and lightest chemical element in the universe and hence being lost easily.
It is a logic of mine that natural water, hydrogen poor water, can't be enough to reduce or scavenge active oxygen species which should have compelled us mankind to develop procedures with which we can fight against sickness being brought as the result of oxidation by active oxygen species.

3. The reason of helplessness of human medicine
Everyone of us lives under oxidation dominant condition, i.e. ceaseless oxidation by oxygen gas occupying about 20 % of environmental air. So that, it is necessary for us to adopt a contermeasure against it.
Medical science appeared in the past has, however, ignored this fundamental fact which should have brought us to elplessness of human medicine.

4. Hydrogen should be final solution
In Japan water devices to reform water by way of electrolysis have been present since half a century ago. Such devices can be found nowhere but in Japan. It is because Japan is a country of soft water which has made it possible for her to develop water device to reform water by electrolysis. Electrolysis of hard water is, however, impossible because of plating of cations on the surface of cathodes which brings excess electric current resulting in over heating of device itself which stops electrolysis automatically by installed fire preventing mechanism.
Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen rich water in the cathodic chamber.
From 1985 through 2001 I made researches on the role of cathodic water which has, however, a shortage of losing hydrogen content rapidly after electrolysis.
In 2001 I developed quite a new method to generate hydrogen rich water by way of chemical reaction described below.
We can obtain hydrogen rich water by our new method much more easily, reliably as well as very cheaply than cathodic water by electrolysis. Average cost is below 10 dollars per month. And at the same time, we have confirmed much more remarkable
effects obtained by intake of newly developed hydrogen rich water than intake of cathodic water obtained by previous method.

5. Hydrogen Producing Mineral (HPM) Stick
Hydrogen rich water can be obtained by utilyzing chemical reaction below.

  Mg 2H2O Mg(OH)2 H2

Magnesium metal reacts with water to generate hydrogen gas as well as magnesium hydroxide which is generally used in medicine for antacid and laxative.
HPM stick has been developed by us with the cylindrical shape of 20 mm × 120 mm with Mg granules and mineral pebbles enclosed within.
HPM stick could be a kind of wand for us to realize good health and longevity.

September 30,2008

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